Voice Demo Jho Harris


A showreel giving you an overall flavour of Jho’s voice work.



30 second trailer

Trailer for Spike the Hedgehog

1 minute 20 second trailer

Long Trailer for Spike the Hedgehog

Radio Commercials

Glencar Water.

Radio Ad for Glencar Water

An Ad Campaign for Connacht Gold Low Fat Butter.

Who’s teaching the horse to dance

Daly’s Electrical “Animals”

Daly’s Electrical

Tommy Fleming Concert Promotion.

Tommy Fleming Promotional Ad

T.M Motors Ad Campaign

Connacht Gold Ad Campaign.

Connacht Gold Butter


Jho played a mixture of roles in The Remarkable Adventures of Spike the Hedgehog.

Jho brought a wide range of roles to Spike the Hedgehog and The Magical Pocket of Time.

As Narrator of Turlough Tales Jho was able to change his voice for character whilst remaining in storytelling mode.

I am Falcon offered Jho some diversity of accent and dialect.

Stage Announcements

Jho has been introducing the singer Tommy Fleming on stage now for almost a decade.