All Points West Radio Productions was established in 1998 by Jho Harris and Sinéad McClure.  Together they bring a wealth of broadcast experience to the company.  Jho began  working in radio in 1978 and his experience was honed as an all rounder, a presenter, a producer, editor and head of music production, among some of his various roles.  Sinéad newer to the industry began working in radio in 1993 and as a sound operator she quickly became interested in production and presentation.   Since All Points West was established the company has put its name to a wide and varied range of radio work.

‘Artbeat’ – A one hour arts show broadcast weekly from 1998- 2008 on Midwest and Northwest Radio

‘Bealtine Memories’ – A series of inserts broadcast during May 2002 for Northwest Radio.

‘The Drama, Short Story and Poetry Awards’ – A competition facilitated through Artbeat and culminating in a live broadcast from 1998 -2000 on Midwest and Northwest Radio.

‘In My Day’ – Historical Storytelling Inserts for Midwest Radio broadcast in 2007

‘A Heritage Tour’ – A 12 part series of historical tours of some of Mayo’s well known landmarks and towns – Broadcast Midwest Radio 2007

‘A Heritage Tour II’ – A second series of popular heritage tours broadcast in 2008 on Midwest Radio.

‘In Humbert’s Footsteps’ A 4 part documentary presented by Author and Historian Stephen Dunford – Broadcast Midwest Radio 2008

‘The Remarkable Adventures of Spike the Hedgehog‘  A 12 part drama for children first broadcast on Midwest Radio in 2008 and Rtejr Radio in 2009.

‘Spike the Hedgehog and the Magical Pocket of Time’ A 12 part follow up drama series for children broadcast on Rtejr Radio in 2010

‘The Writer’s Passage’ A series of tours based on author’s books presented by the author – 10 part podcast for in 2010.

‘Turlough Tales’ A 12 part series for children in storytelling style about the flora and fauna of an Irish Turlough – Broadcast Rtejr Radio 2011.

“I am Falcon” A six part series for children about a young peregrine falcon – Broadcast Rtejr Radio 2012.

“Scout of the Yard” a 12 part children’s drama about a young border collie dog and his efforts to solve crimes on the farm –  Broadcast on Rtejr Radio September – December 2013.

 “Stings, Wings & Crawly Things’ a 12 part show all about Ireland’s insect world – Presented by Professor Hugabug (A ground beetle) with assistance from Wincy the money spider and Barney the Bee!  Currently broadcasting on Rtejr Radio From February 8th, 2014 for twelve weeks.