Stings, Wings and Crawly Things.

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Stings, Wings & Crawly Things is a 12 part series for children aged 4-7 years that tells us all about Irish insects, spiders and other manner of winged and crawly things!

The show debuted on Saturday the 8th of February, 2014 at 11am on Rtejr Radio.

Presented by the knowledgeable ground beetle, Professor Hugabug with help from Wincy the money spider and Barney the bee, each week the team bring us interesting facts, buzzwords, tips for getting a closer look at each insect, recommended sites from Wincy’s web and a rhyme to help you remember all the creatures mentioned!


Stings, Wings and Crawly Things is a series of programmes that focuses on the insect nation and all its rare treasures. From the tiny aphids to the water boatman and all in between and it is a fun fact file of Ireland’s eclectic mix of bugs delivered in an imaginative, informative and entertaining way.


The series was devised and written by Sinead McClure and edited by Jho Harris. And produced exclusively for Rtejr Radio with funding by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland from the Television Licence Fee.




Scout of the Yard

SOTY 610x230 1Broadcast from September, 2013 to December 2013, Scout of the Yard is a ten part radio drama about a young border collie dog who sees himself as a bit of a detective.  What Scout sees as crimes on the farm are normally just routine farming activities, but he still feels the need to investigate until his bumbling efforts are put right by Bran the lead sheepdog.  This is a fun series for children that explores Irish farming.

The series was produced by All Points West with funding from the Broadcasting Authority.  The series is narrated by Jho Harris.  The players are, Jho Harris, Hazel McGlynn, Richard Carroll, Terry McDonagh and Ailbhe Hines.  It was written by Sinéad McClure and Jho Harris.

You can access RTEjr here and catch up on Scout of the Yard on RTE Player and the Rtejr app!

We have been working hard at our podcasting site since we launched in January 2010.  You will find a direct feed here on this website to all our post related audio – but to enjoy the many writers of music, poetry and prose you will really need to visit the site to listen to their individual podcasts.  It was a good year for we came 7th in all of Europe at the European Podcasts Awards and we were also finalists in the Irish Web Awards.   We are averaging 12,000 visits per month, with over 4000 of those being unique visits, but of course we welcome anyone to stop by and listen to the unique content which at the moment is building close to 300 podcasts and growing every week!

I am Falcon

Our most recent  production “I am Falcon” will start broadcasting this coming Saturday the 24th of November on Rtejr Radio.   I am Falcon tells a story about Ireland’s bird of prey population, and their conservation – and will hopefully appeal to children of all ages! You can listen live on RTEjr Radio’s website here – on Channel 942 on UPC or on Saorview.  The series was funded with support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound & Vision Scheme.


The Magical Pocket

Following a successful run of our children’s seriesSpike the Hedgehog and The Magical Pocket of Time in RTE jrRadio’s Autumn Schedule 2010, RTE digital have decided to repeat Spike’s adventure in the coming weeks on RTE jrRadio.  We’ll keep you posted as to when it’s due to be broadcast.  For a taster of what to expect click on the audio file below.

Click PLAY to listen now.

A Remarkable Story

On location recording for The Remarkable Adventures of Spike the Hedgehog.

The story about a little hedgehog who travelled through Mayo to meet with all the other creatures who share his domain is The Remarkable Adventures of Spike the Hedgehog, a children’s series produced by All Points West Media.  The dramatised series was written by Sinead McClure in 2008.  The series was first broadcast on Midwest Radio and has since been brought to a national stage with RTE Digital Junior.  The series is being repeated on Saturday mornings at 11am on RTE Digital Junior. 

This 12 part series follows Spike and his friends on a long journey through the byways, fields and pastures of rural Mayo.  The series is getting its second outing after coming to RTE Digital Junior in the Autumn of 2009.   This series will be followed by another adventure for Spike and for his creators as Spike the Hedgehog and the Magical Pocket of Time goes into producion shortly and is due to be aired on RTE Digital Junior in the Autumn.  We will keep you posted on further detail about Spike’s newest adventure in coming weeks!