Scout of the Yard

SOTY 610x230 1Broadcast from September, 2013 to December 2013, Scout of the Yard is a ten part radio drama about a young border collie dog who sees himself as a bit of a detective.  What Scout sees as crimes on the farm are normally just routine farming activities, but he still feels the need to investigate until his bumbling efforts are put right by Bran the lead sheepdog.  This is a fun series for children that explores Irish farming.

The series was produced by All Points West with funding from the Broadcasting Authority.  The series is narrated by Jho Harris.  The players are, Jho Harris, Hazel McGlynn, Richard Carroll, Terry McDonagh and Ailbhe Hines.  It was written by Sinéad McClure and Jho Harris.

You can access RTEjr here and catch up on Scout of the Yard on RTE Player and the Rtejr app!