All Points West Audio Productions is a company based in the Northwest of Ireland first established in 1998.  We specialise in the production of radio programmes, radio inserts, radio advertising for many radio stations in Ireland as well as the new and growing medium of podcasting.

All Points West was set up as an independent radio production company and since its inception has produced many documentaries with topics ranging from history and heritage to the arts, we have also produced many radio drama’s, most notably a children’s drama featuring the adventures of a hedgehog whose exploits have proven to be entertaining as well as educational for young and older minds alike.   Behind All Points West are passionate broadcasters, editors and producers with award winning radio programmes covering many genres.  With a combined forty five year experience in the medium, we are extremely skilled at what we do, however, the one person we never underestimate is the listener and we are constantly adapting and creating unique ways to engage.

All Points West also specialise in advertising copy and production.  We offer fresh thinking when it comes to handling advertising concepts and have won numerous awards for ad campaigns.

In 2009 All Points West set up a new venture Podcasts.ie  . This site is an audio site dedicated to all things Irish with an emphasis on our culture, at Podcasts.ie you will find interviews with and performances by many of our contemporary writers, in song, prose and poetry, you will also find some of our radio documentaries, readapted mythological stories and engaging podcasts with people from all walks of life and on all topics and we produce 3 regular shows based on the archive we have built up over the years.  All content at Podcasts.ie is free to download or listen to on line.

Audio podcasting is an exciting direction for All Points West Media Services and it continues to build on our successes in the broadcasting field and is an ideal tool to bring your project to a wider audience.  Whether you are involved in business, community or personal projects, audio podcasting is an excellent means of communicating your message to an audience spread accross the globe who share your ideas and want to hear what you have to say  and we can get your message out there for you !